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Търсене на най-добрия детски микроскоп

We all know how important it is to instill an interest in learning in children, especially now, when the entertainment industry offers so many ways of enjoyable, but mostly futile, ways of spending our free time. The important thing to remember is that forcing kids to do things never works. More than that, trying to impose on children something they do not enjoy might actually backfire in the future. So, what you really need to do as a parent is to light that tiny spark of interest and support it in your children as it gradually becomes stronger. A great way to light up a child’s interest in science and discovering the world around us is giving them appropriate instruments for their future research - microscopes and telescopes. You may be thinking that such instruments are too difficult for a child to handle. Luckily, modern telescopes for children are created to be easy (and fun!) to use, but at the same time give your kid all required skills and - what’s even more important - the desire to learn and explore.

As both telescopes and microscopes are too much to wrap up in one article, in this overview we will start with microscopes. So let’s see what the market has to make the learning process interesting and fun. In our short article we will review some of the most popular brands and models that, in our opinion, are worth buying. But if you are up for more thorough independent research, check the following names: Thames and Kosmos (TK2), Celestron, Dino-Lite, and MicroPro. Also, let us mention that all microscopes we selected for this article are real instruments (not just toys!) with high-quality glass optics, although looking for a kids’ microscope online by yourself, you might occasionally find simple toys that are nowhere near real microscopes.

Omano microscopes

Omano is a brand available on the market since 1998. Omano makes all sorts of microscopes and they have even supplied some models to NASA. But let’s concentrate on the topic at hand - microscopes for children.

Omano OM116, OM117 and OM118 series microscopes

Omano is one of the leaders on the market and their OM115 microscope was one of the most popular options until it was recently discontinued. But there are still a lot of great Omano microscopes for children. Omano microscopes are affordable and come with a flexible kit - you can choose only the additional accessories that you really need. The kit usually includes an informative book, which is important as children are usually not up to reading user manuals, yet they still need to learn how to work with the instrument, and the information is presented in an entertaining way.

Omano OM116L is a basic entry-level microscope with up to 400x magnification, metal body and LED illumination. There’s one relative downside to this model - the inability to observe opaque objects. Omano OM117L looks even better - this model boasts two sets of illumination and has a more interesting design with bright blue elements. You can also add a digital camera in the kit. Omano OM118L microscopes can be suggested for older kids and teens - these models have higher magnification, are available with monocular and binocular heads and generally are more serious, but take more space and lack portability typical of most microscopes for children.

Omano instruments come with a 6-month warranty. You can check out and buy these and other Omano microscopes on Amazon.

My First Lab microscopes

My First Lab is a very popular brand providing customers with quality children’s microscopes and extensive science kits for almost 20 years. The brand is owned by C & A Scientific company, a trusted manufacturer of microscopes and laboratory equipment.

My First Lab Duo-Scope - the most popular model from My First Lab

Duo Scope is a bestselling My First Lab model that has up to 400x magnification power and two LED illuminations, allowing for observing both transparent and non-transparent objects. The microscope’s body is only partly metal, which probably makes it less sturdy, but lighter weight and cheaper. The microscope also comes with additional accessories. The kit is somewhat modest, but includes all required essentials. The microscope is available in an all-metal body with more accessories, an enclosed book and more interesting design with blue accents under the name of Mega Duo-Scope. Another variation of the theme that sounds extremely fun even to adults is Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope. This attractive microscope with violet elements and a really extensive kit will help your child to become a real detective.

Among My First Lab Microscopes, you can also find digital sets as well as more advanced models under the name Student Microscope. My First Lab microscopes come with a one-year warranty and may be easily found and bought on Amazon.

Levenhuk microscopes

Levenhuk optics have been available on the market since 2002, but became widespread and well known only in recent years. Levenhuk produces all sorts of optical equipment and their beginner microscope and telescope sets as well as opera glasses are what they are best known for.

Levenhuk Rainbow microscopes

Levenhuk Rainbow NG microscopes were a huge hit, but just as with Omano OM115, they were recently discontinued (though you can still find some of them on sale). But as it came clear later, the series itself was not discontinued; it was actually improved and renewed, so they are still Rainbow microscopes but now without the ‘NG’ bit. Also, now there are a lot more options to choose from.

What sets these microscopes apart is their truly unique design. Color microscopes are rare and no other available models combine such stylish appearance and bright colors with high performance. And it’s a well-known fact that nothing works better in terms of attracting children’s attention than bright colors. The series features great versatility - you can choose from four microscope types, which vary by magnification (the highest is up to 1280x) and primary body material (metal or plastic). All microscopes have double LED illumination for both transparent and opaque samples and come with an experiment kit including a colorful book on microscopes and observations. Models in the 50L PLUS series come with a carrying case. All microscopes are available in five colors.

In the Levenhuk Rainbow series you can also find digital models, which are currently available only in basic white color. Levenhuk Rainbow microscopes come with a lifetime warranty and can be purchased on Amazon.

That’s it for now. I hope this quick overview was helpful and has given some great parents useful leads on good microscopes for children. Remember that your children’s future requires investment. But what’s even more important - kids need you, your attention and care, so learn and have fun with them!

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