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Нютонов рефлекторен телескоп. Апертура: 208 mm. Фокусно разстояние: 812 mm

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In the past few years the Explore Scientific Photo Newtons have become the standard workhorse for deep sky astrophotography. We now proudly present the second generation of this telescope, the Explore Scientific Photo Newton Mark II Hexafoc.

The Explore Scientific Photo Newton Mark II will deliver you deeper images due to its – compared to competing 8" f/4 systems – oversized primary mirror and therefore faster optical system with the same exposure time. The big 85mm secondary prevents vignetting for optimal illumination The excellent 2.5" Hexafoc also does not cause vignetting due to its large diameter and makes focusing a joy – the smoothness and shifting-free operation sets new standards in this price class. This groundbreaking focuser, tube rings with 44mm universal standard dovetail and camera mounting feature and a high-end finderscope with illumination and laser-engraved scale leave nothing to desire even for demanding astrophotographers. The PN208 Mark II Hexafoc has a classical tube construction with an aluminium tube. The focuser can be upgraded with a 10:1 reduction without problems.


  • Diffraction limited optics with parabolic main mirror
  • Ready for the HR coma corrector
  • Large 85mm secondary and 2.5" focuser offers a perfect field illumination
  • Universal 44mm dovetail plate with stainless steel rail (fits LXD75/Great Polaris/EQ5)
  • Elaborate 6-point flotation system for mirror support

The kit includes:

  • Aluminium tube with optics
  • Tube rings with handle and camera mounting feature
  • 8x50 finderscope with illuminated reticle and true oriented view
  • 26mm Super Plössl
  • Additional technical data