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Ахроматичен рефракторен телескоп. Диаметър на лещата на обектива (апертура): 70 mm. Фокусно разстояние: 700 mm

Цена на дребно:
Цената е валидна само за онлайн магазина и може да се различава от цените в магазините.

When looking at the technical data, 70mm aperture may not look too impressive. During the observation the impact of the 36 % more light gathering power in respect to a 60mm refractor are easily visible: Details are seen more clearly in the Bresser Nano AR-70/700 AZ and from a distance of 600 million km the main cloud bands on the planet Jupiter get visible.

Do you want to capture what you see? With the included smartphone holder bracket you can use your smartphone to easily take colour pictures of celestial objects — like through a telephoto lens!

Main features:

  • MgF2-coated optics
  • Magnification with supplied accessories: 35x, 77x, (max. suggested: 140x)
  • Focal distance, aperture ratio: 700mm, f/10
  • azimuthal mounting
  • eyepiece diameter: 31.7mm (1.25")

The kit includes:

  • Messier refractor
  • Altazimuth mount
  • Aluminium tripod with accessory tray
  • Eyepieces: 9mm, 20mm
  • Red dot finder
  • Diagonal mirror 1,25" (31,7mm)
  • Smartphone camera adapter
  • Software & rotatable star-map