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Ахроматичен рефракторен телескоп. Апертура: 127 mm. Фокусно разстояние: 1200 mm

Рефракторен телескоп
Оптична конструкция
Апертура – диаметър на лещата, която телескопът използва за събиране светлината (рефракторна или катадиоптрична) или огледало (рефракторни)
Фокусно разстояние – разстоянието от основните лещи или огледало до точката, в която се фокусира светлината

ИД на продукт
Размер на опаковката (Д x Ш x В)

Bresser Messier AR-127L/1200 Hexafoc EXOS-2/GOTO Telescope is an achromatic refractor on an equatorial GoTo mount. It is a great tool for beginner users and experienced astronomers. An advanced telescope features GoTo Mount with motors and hand box controller. You will easily find and guide the Moon, planets, stars, and much more.

An extremely rigid solid mount tightly holds the telescope tube: you can be sure the observed objects are sharp and clear. It is also useful for astrophotography. Take beautiful pictures of celestial objects in high resolution. Conduct breathtaking observations even at high magnifications. This powerful telescope allows for observing the brightest objects beyond our solar system.


  • High end Hexafoc-focuser with 2.5" free inner diameter
  • All telescope axes supported by ball bearings for smooth tracking
  • Adjustable polar finder scope
  • ST-4 compatible autoguider interface
  • Aluminum cast parts coated with high end powder coating
  • Brass worms with ball bearings
  • GoTo Mount with motors and hand box controller, for easy finding and guiding the Moon, planets, and stars
  • Bubble level for easy tripod setup
  • 8x50 straight through viewfinder with reticle; optimized finder socket for comfortable use
  • 31.7 mm (1.25") diagonal mirror
  • Cradle rings with handle and integrated piggyback camera holder (1/4" thread)
  • Universal 44 mm Dovetail plate with stainless steel rail (fits LXD75/Great Polaris/EQ5)
  • 50.8 mm (2") to 31.7 mm (1.25") adapter with integrated T2 thread (T2-adapter ring for your camera is required)

The kit includes:

  • 127 mm achromatic optical tube assembly
  • Equatorial EXOS-2 GOTO mount with stainless steel tripod and Startracker handcontroller
  • Universal 44 mm dovetail plate with stainless steel rail (fits LXD75/Great Polaris/EQ5)
  • 2 pcs 2.5" extension tubes
  • Telescope with mount and tripod
  • 26 mm Super Plössl eyepiece 31.7 mm(1.25")
  • 31.7 mm (1.25") Zenith mirror
  • Built-in T2-adapter for a 31.7 mm (1.25") eyepiece
  • Tube clamps with a dovetail rail for the GP-Level
  • Adjustable polar finder scope
  • Handle and camera holder
  • 8x50 optical finderscope
  • Stellarium astronomy software
  • Rotatable star map
ИД на продукт 72876
Марка Bresser GmbH, Germany
Гаранция 2
EAN 4007922199245
Размер на опаковката (Д x Ш x В) 20x134x88
Транспортно тегло 33
Оптична конструкция рефракторен телескоп
Оптична схема апохроматичен
Диаметър на лещата на обектива (апертура), mm 127
Фокусно разстояние, mm 1200
Най-голямо практическо увеличение, x 254
Отношение на апертурата f/9.4
Визьор оптичен, 8x50
Триножник стомана
Монтировка екваториална, EXOS-2/EQ2 GOTO
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